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SubjectRe: [PATCH] remove 2TB block device limit
>>>>> "DP" == Daniel Phillips <> writes:

DP> Incidently, the 200 TB high-end servers are a lot closer than you
DP> think.

Perhaps the "low-end server" is a more interesting case, though.
After all, you can put over 4TB in one machine now for somewhere near
$12K. (32 160GB IDE disks on four 3ware 7850 cards running RAID5, all
striped into one huge "RAID50" array.) This is only going to get
cheaper, and when someone out-does Maxtor for the "big IDE disk" crown,
the capacity will jump again. Of course it doesn't have the same
performance or extreme reliability of the more expensive solutions,
but hey, it only costs $12K.

Still, 16TB done this way looks to be a few years away yet.

- J<
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