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SubjectADS Gcp 2.4.7 reboot issue
Hi all ,
I had posted a message previously also and got some usefule info about the
same topic . I have a ads graphic client plus board (Strong ARM SA1100 )
running 2.4.7 kernel. The problem is that a small c++ application which
causes the system to reboot. What i guessed is that at some point of time
some memory corruption is happening and it's causing the code to jump to the
RSRR ( reset registers ) and reboot the system. I went to the
/include/asm/arch/SA-1100.h file and changed the definition of the RSRR
register from 0x90030000 to 0xE0030000. Now if i run the application for the
first time, the board does not reboot but 2 or 3 executions cause the
board to reboot.
What i want to do is , to somehow find out at what point of time kernel
is loosing control and writing to RSRR register.
And is there any other way to reboot , other then writing to RSRR
If someone has some clue, it will be helpfull .


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