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    SubjectRe: PROBLEM: knfsd misses occasional writes
    Neil Brown wrote:
    > On Wednesday May 15, wrote:
    > >
    > > Hello everyone,
    > >
    > > When copying lots of small files from multiple NFS clients to a kNFSd
    > > filesystem (i.e. doing backup of a cluster), exported with `sync', I
    > > find that some few files (1 out of 1000) were silently truncated to zero
    no errors reported

    > > size when checking locally with `ls' (the clients reported total
    > > success). With `asynch' instead, all files were correctly copied.
    > How are you mounting the file systems on the clients?
    > The symptoms sound exactly like you are using "soft" mounts. "soft"
    > is a very bad mount option. Use "hard".
    > If you aren't using "soft", let me know and I will look harder.

    Errrm, I am using "soft" mounts, as I (we) want the clients to survive
    server restarts.
    But shouldn't those timeouts become errors over at the clients?

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