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SubjectRe: [PATCHSET] Linux 2.4.19-pre8-jam2
On Mon, 2002-05-13 at 04:45, wrote:
> > - Re-introduction of wake_up_sync to make pipes run fast again. No idea
> > about this is useful or not, that is the point, to test it (Randy ?)
> Thanks, I was hoping someone would port that patch to a 2.4 kernel.
> 2.5 kernels <= 2.5.15 aren't completing umount on the 4 way Xeon.
> I will benchmark the latest jam on the big box next.

Is umount not completing somehow due to the lack of wake_up_sync ???

Fwiw, I am not sold that reintroducing wake_up_sync is worth it. The
benchmark is synthetic and could very well not represent the general
case in which the load balancer is capable of handling the scenario
without the hackery of an explicit sync option.

Robert Love

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