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SubjectMemory fault with 2.4.19-pre8aa2 2.4.9-pre8ac1 on the Athlon SMP

For two days, I am constantly observing this error
with both 2.4.19-pre8aa2 and 2.4.9-pre8ac1 on the Athlon SMP
with two 1900+ CPUs running at 1.6GHz with 2GB DDR
registered DRAMs. ASUS A7M266-D with their newest
official BIOS 1.005a.

$ latex fw.tex


[756] [757] [758] [759]
Overfull \hbox (4.56194pt too wide) in paragraph at lines 8190--8194
[]\OT1/ppl/m/n/12 The spec-tral dis-tri-bu-tion of such a noise in an
ibrium medium un-der pump-
[760] (gnu.d/curtot.tex)Memory fault
11.25s real 10.82s user 0.25s system

As you can observe it here, it happens during LaTeX processing on a
a big file.
I ran this process more than 20 times with 2.4.19-pre6aa1 all successfully.
I believe that there is a problem somewhere with some memory
management stuffs either in -pre7 or in -pre8.
Absolutely no message is recorded in the /var/log/message file.
That is strange.

I have not checked the above kernels on 2.4.19-pre8aa2 and 2.4.19-pre8ac1
compiled for Pentium 4, yet. Before investing further, I think I need
to report about it anyway.

Thank you.

Regards to all kernel developers.

G. Hugh Song

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