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SubjectRe: Reiserfs has killed my root FS!?!
Oleg Drokin wrote:
> Hello!
> On Sun, May 12, 2002 at 10:04:11PM -0400, John O'Donnell wrote:
>>I'm sorry. This IS 2.4.18 - I havent played with 2.5 yet - but thanks
>>for the warning.
>>This is a Seagate ST39102LW hooked into an Adaptec 29160.
> Ok, if you want your fs back, correct way is to download latest preversion of
> reiserfsprogs (reiserfsprogs-3.x.1c-pre4 for now) from ftp site,
> build it somewhere, boot off rescue media of some kind, and then run
> reiserfsck with --rebuild-tree argument (and a path to your partition of
> course). If you cannot build any binaries anywhere, I can send you a binary
> of reiserfsck.
> You problem is that pointer to data block got corrupted and now points
> outside of the partition.
> (notw, if you have some reiserfsck version on your rescue media, it won't
> help you, because this exact problem got fixed only recently)
> Bye,
> Oleg

But, I bow to Oleg anyway!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Great utilities!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Before seeing this I installed Slack 8.0 on another small partition, downloaded
2.4.18, latest reiser tools from slack's site. I had to so a --rebuild-sb
thought first. Then the rebuild tree.....

Now I am back in Linux heaven! It just booted.

Oh man these errors freaked me the hell out.
I am still turned off by seeing the $25/per question for support on after clicking on "Support" with NO mention of the mailing list.
I found the mailing list LATER and some useful tips.

My brain kernel paniced!

Root FS backup commences...... :-)

Thank you Oleg!
Johnny O

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