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SubjectRE: [PATCH] Hotplug CPU prep III: daemonize idle tasks
Should __daemonize() check this? check if in the arguments
tsk == current or tsk == idle_task. This would prevent people
from using __daemonize() for the wrong things.


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|Sent: Monday, May 13, 2002 7:31 AM
|Subject: Re: [PATCH] Hotplug CPU prep III: daemonize idle tasks
|In message <> you write:
|> I tried a version of __daemonize in 2.4. It panics in
|> schedule()
|> prepare_to_switch();
|> {
|> struct mm_struct *mm = next->mm;
|> struct mm_struct *oldmm = prev->active_mm;
|> if (!mm) {
|> if (next->active_mm) BUG();
|> I got hit by the BUG() in 2.4, I think prepare_to_switch has
|> moved to specific archs in 2.5. A quick look showed that
|> this issue no longer exists in 2.5.
|Uhhh... there are many other problems if you are trying to do this on
|a "live" process. idle process creation is a special case because it
|has never been run yet.
|This is not a generic "daemonize this task" mechanism!
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