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SubjectRe: Memory Barrier Definitions
In message <> you wr
> We're _not_ going to make up a complicated, big fancy new model. We might
> tweak the current one a bit. And if that means that some architectures get
> heavier barriers than they strictly need, then so be it. There are two
> overriding concerns:
> - sanity: maybe it's better to have one mb() that is a sledgehammer but
> obvious, than it is to have many subtle variations that are just asking
> for subtle bugs.

NO NO NO. Look at what actually happens now:

void init_bh(int nr, void (*routine)(void))
bh_base[nr] = routine;

Now, what is this mb() for? Are you sure?

If we can come up with a better fit between the macros and what the
code are trying to actually do, we win, even if they all map to the
same thing *today*. While we're there, if we can get something that
fits with different architectures, great.

Anyone who quotes me in their sig is an idiot. -- Rusty Russell.
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