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SubjectRe: [PATCHSET] Linux 2.4.19-pre8-jam2
> > > - Re-introduction of wake_up_sync to make pipes run fast again. No idea
> > > about this is useful or not, that is the point, to test it (Randy ?)

> > 2.5 kernels <= 2.5.15 aren't completing umount on the 4 way Xeon.

> Is umount not completing somehow due to the lack of wake_up_sync ???

The umount issue is unrelated to wake_up_sync. Could be a scsi driver
issue, as 2.5.x has been fine on my IDE system. Before the benchmarks,
I mkfs some filesystems and mount and umount them. Haven't
been able to get past that point with 2.5.x yet.

> Fwiw, I am not sold that reintroducing wake_up_sync is worth it. The
> benchmark is synthetic and could very well not represent the general
> case in which the load balancer is capable of handling the scenario
> without the hackery of an explicit sync option.

That could well be. The kernel build test which applies patches
and compiles with -pipe is as close as I have to a general pipe
test. The kernel build test has a low variability (~2%) between
any of the kernels tested on the 4 way box.

It's worth testing wake_up_sync though. Occasionally there's
a surprise.

Randy Hron

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