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SubjectRe: InfiniBand BOF @ LSM - topics of interest
On Mon, 2002-05-13 at 16:42, Alan Cox wrote:
> > There are at least 2 that I thought might be good discussion topics;
> > Sockets Direct Protocol for InfiniBand
> > User Mode Access to the InfiniBand network
> Surely these are the same topic ?

Nope. There are three issues here, really. The second item, "User
Mode Access" is probably one or both of two things. A "native" IBA
interface (aka Verbs). These are the actual IBA work elements. Things
like Subnet Managers need access to this. The other is uDAPL (user
Direct Access Programming Library). uDAPL (and kDAPL) are emerging
standards for high-speed messaging systems (VIA/IBA/Myrinet type
things). uDAPL is likely the protocol most of userspace will want to
program to.



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