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SubjectQ. Is initrd/cramfs usable on 2.5.x?
Do you think initrd+cramfs should be usable on 2.5.x kernels? I keep
getting "wrong magic". BTW. I applied a small patch to init/do_mount.c
(which is also used by Debian in their 2.4.x kernels) so that it sees

Unfortunately I can't give a complete log of the boot messages because
booting stops with a panic. I wrote down the last couple of lines.

RAMDISK: cramfs filesystem found at block 0
RAMDISK: Loading 1016 blocks [1 disk] into ram disk...done.
Freeing initrd memory: 1016k freed
cramfs: wrong magic
Kernel panic: VFS: Unable to mout root fs on 03:02

After putting some debug printk I could see that in cramfs_fill_super() it
indeed fails to see a correct CRAMFS_MAGIC. But the loading seems to have

Since there were quite a few changes since 2.5.0 I am not really able to
compare with my working initrd+cramfs on 2.4.17.

I am nuts to even try this, or should it work? (Both can be true.)
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