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SubjectRe: Changelogs on

In case you don't know, there is piles of information available from
BK about the changes made, you can make the reposrting be as verbose
or as terse as you want. You can also restrict output to a particular
user or expression.


bk changes # gets you the default output, time sorted changesets
bk changes -v # same thing but includes file comments as well

BK reporting is keyed off of somehing called "dspecs" (for data
specification). They are a lot like a primitive printf format.
The default dspec for changes is

":DPN:@:I:, :Dy:-:Dm:-:Dd: :T::TZ:, :P:$if(:HT:){@:HT:}\n$each(:C:){ (:C:)\n}$each(:TAG:){ TAG: (:TAG:)\n}\n"

You can use dspecs to dig out anything you want, see "bk help prs" to get
the list of fields available. A field is like :P: which is replaced with
the name of the person who made the checkin.

If you want to restrict output to a particular programmer, you can do stuff


I suspect that once you figure out how you want things to look, we can make
dspecs which do it, and if not, we'll fix the reporting engine.

Just as an FYI, bkweb is really little more than some gigantic dspecs.
Larry McVoy lm at
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