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SubjectRe: Changelogs on
At 21:06 12/05/02, Linus Torvalds wrote:
>In article <>,
>Ian Molton <> wrote:
> >
> >I dont know who to write to about this, but the changelogs for
> >2.4.19-pre on are COMPLETELY illegible.
>You're definitely right about the BK version numbers, since those are
>meaningless anyway (they are only meaningful within one BK tree, and
>they change over time when you merge different trees together.
>The 2.4.x changelogs seem to be done with my "release" scripts, but
>additionally they don't have the same kind of detailed information that
>the 2.5.x kernels have, and yes, the result is fairly ugly.
>What are peoples opinion about the "full" changelog format that v2.5.x
>kernels have? Should we sort that too by author?

I like the current 2.5.x format. It gives a quick overview so I can choose
which changesets interest me and I usually go into bk revtool afterwards
and have a look at the actual code in the changesets of interest...

And I agree that the cut down 2.4.x changelog is not very useful... I
always have to do a bk changes on the 2.4.x tree to get the full details.

Best regards,


>Perl is the obvious choice for doing transformations like these. Is
>anybody willing to write a perl script that does the "sort by author"
>I'll remove the date/BK ID thing, so that my unsorted changelogs would
>look like the appended thing. But yes, sorting (and merging) by author
>would probably be a good thing. (My BK changelog scripts can also add
>markers around the actual log message, to make parsing easier).
> Linus
>Summary of changes from v2.5.13 to v2.5.14
> A bunch of fixes.
> Pmac updates
> Some more small fixes.
> [PATCH] 2.5.13: vmalloc link failure
> The following patch fixes this, and also fixes the similar problem in
> scsi_debug.c:
> [PATCH] in_ntoa link failure
> Nothing serious. Whoever it was that did that global replacemissed a
> spot is all...
> [PATCH] change_floppy() fix
> Needed both in 2.4 and 2.5
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