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SubjectRe: Changelogs on
Linus Torvalds wrote:

>The 2.4.x changelogs seem to be done with my "release" scripts, but
>additionally they don't have the same kind of detailed information that
>the 2.5.x kernels have, and yes, the result is fairly ugly.
>What are peoples opinion about the "full" changelog format that v2.5.x
>kernels have? Should we sort that too by author?

Sorting might help a tiny bit...

I thought about this, when I saw the 2.4.x changelogs. Typical GNU
projects seem to have a pretty decent system going -- there is a
detailed ChangeLog, and an abbreviated high level summary NEWS, for each

So IMO a good solution would not be to change the format of the BK
changelogs, but to supplement them with the type of summary that looks
like the "old Linus" changelogs, i.e. a summary generated by a human:

Martin Dalecki - IDE updates
Al Viro - VFS updates
Andi Kleen - x86-64 update

The central complaint about BK changelogs seems to be that they are too
verbose for a quick scan of what a new kernel version contains. (while
at the same time lauding the additional information BK provides over the
old changelogs)

Marcelo gave it a good shot, by (it appears) generating a summary by
taking the first line of each cset. The better solution would be a
human-generated NEWS file.


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