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SubjectRe: Changelogs on
In article <>,
Ian Molton <> wrote:
>I dont know who to write to about this, but the changelogs for
>2.4.19-pre on are COMPLETELY illegible.


You're definitely right about the BK version numbers, since those are
meaningless anyway (they are only meaningful within one BK tree, and
they change over time when you merge different trees together.

The 2.4.x changelogs seem to be done with my "release" scripts, but
additionally they don't have the same kind of detailed information that
the 2.5.x kernels have, and yes, the result is fairly ugly.

What are peoples opinion about the "full" changelog format that v2.5.x
kernels have? Should we sort that too by author?

Perl is the obvious choice for doing transformations like these. Is
anybody willing to write a perl script that does the "sort by author"

I'll remove the date/BK ID thing, so that my unsorted changelogs would
look like the appended thing. But yes, sorting (and merging) by author
would probably be a good thing. (My BK changelog scripts can also add
markers around the actual log message, to make parsing easier).



Summary of changes from v2.5.13 to v2.5.14

A bunch of fixes.

Pmac updates

Some more small fixes.

[PATCH] 2.5.13: vmalloc link failure

The following patch fixes this, and also fixes the similar problem in

[PATCH] in_ntoa link failure

Nothing serious. Whoever it was that did that global replacemissed a
spot is all...

[PATCH] change_floppy() fix

Needed both in 2.4 and 2.5
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