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SubjectRe: Reiserfs has killed my root FS!?!
Tomas Szepe wrote:

>>[Alexander Viro <>, May-12 2002, Sun, 18:47 -0400]
>>>On Sun, 12 May 2002, Diego Calleja wrote:
>>>>>attempt to access beyond end of device
>>>>>08:12: rw=0 want=268574776 limit=8747392
>>>>I'm not an expert, but this perhaps isn't a reiserfs problem.
>>>Nope. It looks much more like the IDE problem Tomas Szepe addressed in
>>>"2.5.15 IDE possibly trying to scribble beyond end of device"
>>... except that he's using 2.4
>Well, judging by
> I use reiserfs on all my filesystems. I have noticed some minor
> corruption of files in the past when I didnt shut down Linux properly
> (lockups, etc). I experiment alot with my computer.
> Anyway lately I was havin a problem that required frequent reboots.
>I'd assume this bloke might have booted 2.5.15, only he's not mentioning it.
I'm sorry. This IS 2.4.18 - I havent played with 2.5 yet - but thanks
for the warning.
This is a Seagate ST39102LW hooked into an Adaptec 29160.

I am writing this in my WinDOS 98 mozilla. I feel so dirty :-)
Well at least it's mozilla. :-)
Johnny O

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