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SubjectRe: lost interrupt hell - Plea for Help
Never tried to rip audio tracks... will try it after the weekend

I do have local APIC enabled, so it could be that the problem is there...
will build a kernel without apic (after the weekend)


At 09:53 11-5-02 +0100, mikeH wrote:
>Can you rip audio tracks to wav files ? If not, this might be a problem
>with the apic on amd chips rather than an IDE problem.
>Rudmer van Dijk wrote:
>>At 09:32 11-5-02 +0100, mikeH wrote:
>>>You can try compiling without VIA chipset support, but it makes no
>>>Now, with the latest prepatches, -ac patches and ide patches, I am
>>>getting spurious "8259A interrupt: IRQ7."
>>>all over the place too. Seems like the linux kernel does not play well
>>>with AMD Cpus + VIA chipsets, which
>>>is a real shame as thats what all my machines are :(
>>It's not only with VIA chipsets, I have an Athlon system with a SIS chipset
>>and there I get the spurious "8259A interrupt: IRQ7." as well...
>>luckily the message is only displayed once, but it always appears in the
>>first 15 min after startup.
>> Rudmer

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