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Subjectmmap, SIGBUS, and handling it

One change in kernel 2.4.x is to send a SIGBUS signal to the process
trying to read a mmap section that is invalid.

Ex, if we have a file server, and that program gets a request for a file,
it does a mmap. After that starts serving the file to the client (by
write()-ing to the socket fd). If in the meantime some other process
truncates the file which was mmap-ed , our program will receive a SIGBUS
in write().

If I understand right this is more POSIX compliant.

Is there a clean/good way of handling this ?

PS: why signal(SIGBUS,SIG_IGN) doesnt work, but a user handler its called
if set with signal(SIGBUS,handle_sigbus) ?


Mihai RUSU

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