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Subject[BUG] Hangs on 2.5.11
While trying to run poldek (rpm-updater from PLD distro) it's hanging 
without any reason. It's impossible to kill it, even with SIGKILL. Also ps
uax is hanging just before poldek process. Also trying to read anything in
/proc/{poldek-pid} makes 'cat' process hangs. SAK sequence is clearing
console, but processes are still hanging. GDB didn't said anything (it
hanged), but strace shows this:
mremap(0x407c5000, 8192, 12288, MREMAP_MAYMOVE) = 0x407c1000
brk(0x82e5000) = 0x82e5000
brk(0x82e6000) = 0x82e6000
-1, 0) = 0x407dc000
mremap(0x407ce000, 8192, 12288, MREMAP_MAYMOVE
And hangs... What's the reason of it?
Witek 'adasi' Krecicki

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