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SubjectRe: ide <-> via VT82C693A/694x problems?
Xavier Bestel wrote:
> Le mer 01/05/2002 à 03:59, Erik Steffl a écrit :
> > the MB uses via chips so I included via82cxxx driver (as a module). is
> > that correct?
> >
> > however, I just checked and via82cxxx is NOT loaded. What do I need to
> > do to make ide driver is using via82cxxx module?
> >
> > I have ide driver compiled in (booting from ide hd), does via82cxxx
> > have to be compiled in?
> You mean the ide module is on the ide drive ? And you want it to be
> loaded before any ide access ?

ide is compiled in (not a module), via82cxxx is a module.

via82cxxx is never loaded - what do I need to do to actually use this
module? Most other modules are loaded either automatically or an alias
is needed, however I have no idea what to do to make kernel use
via82cxxx (would ide module use it?). I thought that as long as I
configure it in kernel make xconfig as a module it will be used, but
it's not loaded (so I guess it's not used).

I suspect that it might be the reason why my cd drive does not rip
audio cds...

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