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SubjectRe: 2.5.11 and smbfs
On 30 April 2002 17:40, Scott A. Sibert wrote:
> I don't know if anyone's mentioned this (I tried searching through the
> recent list archives). I have 2.5.11 compiled on a dual P3/800 with
> preempt enabled. smbfs and 3c905c are compiled into the kernel (not
> modules). It has 1gb memory and I have high memory (4gb) compiled.
> I can mount other samba shares fine (ie. Samba-2.2.2 from OSX 10.1.4 and
> Samba-2.2.2 from Tru64 5.1) and the directories look fine. When I mount
> a share from a Windows 2000 server I only get the first letter of the
> entry in the shared folder which, of course, makes no sense and
> generates errors when just trying to get an "ls" of the share. The
> Win2K servers are both regular server and Adv Server, both with SP2 and
> the latest patches. The linux machine is running RedHat 7.2 with almost
> all of the latest updates and 2.5.11 compiled.

Let's try to isolate the cause. Does 2.4 kernel fail too?
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