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SubjectRe: [PATCH] intel eths for 2.4 [was: Plan for e100-e1000 in mainline]
J.A. Magallon wrote:

>On 2002.05.01 Jeff Garzik wrote:
>>I expect Intel's Q/A to green light their current driver. With a few
>>patches it should be ready for 2.4.x soon.

>I did it, taking drivers from 2.5.12, and at least it compiles.
>I have to try in the real box, but I don't think there were any problems,
>at least the same than 2.5....
>Marcelo, is there any chance to get this in next -pre or in .19 ?

When they are suitable for Marcelo, I'm going to send them to Marcelo.

As I wrote in the quoted message, they need some more patches, and I'm
also interested in feedback from Intel Q/A (which is scheduled for
sometime this week).

If you are interesting in maintaining 2.4.x patches for a short time, go
for it. But I would rather not have a almost-ready e100 go to Marcelo
and get released in 2.4.19 in incomplete form. It's out there, it's
public, let's leave at that for a little while.


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