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SubjectRE: Plan for e100-e1000 in mainline
On Wed, 1 May 2002, Leech, Christopher wrote:

> > Another funny thing is that the latency for the gigabit
> > adapter (e1000) is also higher than fast ethernet (eepro100)
> > with small messages (<256 bytes) :
> You could try setting the RxIntDelay module parameter to 0, that should
> improve round trip latency. The balance between latency on the receive path
> and interrupt rate can be difficult to manage, hopefully a dynamic method
> like NAPI will result in Ethernet drivers that need less hand tuning.

Hmm the docs say that RxIntDelay is by default 0 but when I tried it, it
helped for sure (although the numbers are still a bit higher that with

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