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    SubjectRe: Two fixes for 2.4.19-pre5-ac3
    "Philippe Elie" <> writes:

    > From: "Bill Davidsen" <>
    > Sent: Monday, April 08, 2002 4:48 PM

    > > For legitimate use, if any, a compile-time optional system call could be
    > > added requiring a capability to use, and programs which are currently
    > > doing that (AFS?) can be converted to use another f/s interface. I have
    > > seen a few mentions of software which DO use that capability, I'm not sure
    > > I've seen one which can be done no other way.
    > As stated oprofile needs it, there is no other efficient way to track exec,
    > mmap and other sys call needed for profiler. I hope a consensus can
    > be reach : explain than unloading module wich patch the sys call table
    > are unsafe on SMP, discourage the use of sys call table patch, but do
    > not forbid that.

    In times past when people were working on the vm86 system call you needed
    a modified version of insmod, that could read

    If you are going to be doing strange things I don't see why that shouldn't
    still be required.

    Though I am wondering if the sane approach for a profiler might not to be
    have a kernel conditional compilation directive that simply patches
    the syscall path. The overhead is probably less as well.

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