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SubjectRe: Two fixes for 2.4.19-pre5-ac3
On Sun, Apr 07, 2002 at 06:42:05PM +0100, Alan Cox wrote:
> > And, unless this is reversed the OpenAFS kernel module won't load (it
> > needs sys_call_table.):
> Correct. There was agreement a very long time ago that code should not patch
> the syscall table (for one its not safe). AFS probably needs fixing so the
> AFS syscall hook is exported portably and nicely in the syscall code.

I am really not an expert on kernel-programming but I remember that
there was a security-hole in the ptrace-code with which one a local user
could gain root access. And there was a little kernel-modul with a
wrapper-function for the ptrace-syscall that made traces only possible
if the user who was calling this syscall was root. So if I understand
right if we don't export the syscall-table it is impossible to write
such syscall-wrapper-functions and it requires to recompile the kernel
and reboot the machiene to fix such an security-hole.

So wouldn't it be better to export the syscall-table and just write into
the documentation that it is not a good idea to manipulate syscalls or
write a compiler-makro that gives out a warning when such a module is
beeing compiled.
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