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SubjectRe: Two fixes for 2.4.19-pre5-ac3
On Sun, Apr 07, 2002 at 08:42:48PM +0100, Alan Cox wrote:

> > I'll genuinely take on board advice on how I can profile all the system
> > via x86 perf counters efficiently without having to patch the kernel.
> > The old way just uses sys_call_table. So what do I do now ?
> The obvious thing is to represent it as a device. I'm not familiar enough
> with the existing perfctr work to know how well that works out.

The system call tracking is only used to associate a particular EIP with
a particular offset in some binary image. There's no other efficient
method to capture the mmap() calls for these images, for everything
running. ptrace() is only really useful for a small number of processes,
and is slow. Offline post-analysis isn't possible. There is no
API for getting access to this information.

Removing sys_call_table from exports won't have any positive effect.
Using it has always been "well, you're on your own" - if there is a
really good reason it needs to be changed, fine; but just changing it
because it's not supposed to be used isn't a good enough reason when
there is actually a couple of niche cases where it's the only option.


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