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SubjectRe: forth interpreter as kernel module wrote:

> Yes, an OpenFirmware emulator would be interesting. It would allow to
> softboot OF PCI cards on non-OF machines, and would allow to implement
> properly resume from sleep on some desktop G4s that will power off the
> PCI bus during sleep (some cards need to be re-softbooted, like video
> ones, and in some case, you really want the vendor firmware to run).

I'm writing a full OF implementation for OpenBios. It will also be
able to run in user space, which might be a better solution for things
like softboot (and besides, it makes development a lot easier).

It is supposed to be fully portable across all architectures that
run Linux.

Check out module Paflof from OpenBios CVS.

Nothing very mature yet, so don't get too excited now.



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