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SubjectRe: faster boots?
At 02:08 PM 4/5/2002 -0500, Mark H. Wood wrote:
>Eww, it sounds like all that unnecessary and problematic hardware info.
>that MS Windows saves in the Registry, instead of doing the sensible
>thing by asking the hardware. Please don't go there.

Amen! While it seems logical/intelligent on the surface (it makes it easy to specify consistent module parameters to drivers), it falls victim to something I call the Windows Effect, which is (IMO) the primary reason people still use Windows:

Windows is easy to use, as long as it stops working.
As soon as something breaks, however, you're screwed.


I knew someone who had to reinstall Win2K pro on her machine because some registry setting for some driver got screwed up, and DHCP refused to start (thus preventing her from getting an IP for her cable modem).

As I told her -- if she had Linux running, I could have fixed the problem easily (assuming that problem could have happened in the first place).


Real programmers use COPY CON PROGRAM.EXE

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