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SubjectRe: [reiserfs-dev] Re: ReiserFS Bug Fixes 3 of 6 (Please apply all 6)

On Sat, Apr 06, 2002 at 09:01:57AM -0800, Larry McVoy wrote:
> > I am confused, the bk patches look like they have normal patches at the
> > top of them.
> If you just want to send him regular patches, use bk export -tpatch.
> That's sort of a lame way to go if you are using BK on both ends,
> you're going to end up merging your changes with your changes when
> you pull from Linus' tree. There are lots of reasons why this isn't
> a good idea.

In fact, per one of the original 'BK Patches sending' HOWTO,
we are including output of bk export -tpatch ... stuff prior to
bk send ... - stuff.
So that people who want to get the diff, can get it without silly tricks.

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