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Subjectmore on 2.4.19pre... & swsusp
I found a .config difference between my 2.4.19-pre5-ac3 setup
and my 2.4.19-pre6 (swsusp v0.8 patched) setup.

After making both the same, both generally oops in the same place
as previously reported (oops via ksymoops previously posted).

Findings thus far:

swsusp says it doesn't need APM. But it does. at least so far
as menuconfig is concerned.

With apm loaded (or built) in the kernel swsusp says it can't
terminate/kill kapmd and gives up.

With apm *not* loaded in the kernel swsusp oopses as previously

Nice repeatable behavior.

Documentation/swsusp.txt which is repeatedly refered to does not
exist, either in the ac version or the v0.8 patch.

I have not been able to find the swsusp program which is also
refered to.

Brian Litzinger <>
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