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    SubjectLinux 2.5.8-pre2

    More merging with various people, USB+ARM+more network drivers etc.

    The actual patch is pretty huge, because the USB changes moves USB files
    around a lot. The BK diffs (and actual "real changes") are smaller than
    the patch would imply (here Larry pipes up with number of deltas ;)



    Summary of changes from v2.5.8-pre1 to v2.5.8-pre2

    <> (02/03/13 1.384.11.1)
    [PATCH] 1054/1: Fixes security problem with static i/o mapping.

    For 2.5.x only. (Patch 1042/1 is for 2.4.x)

    (replaces patch 1041/1.)

    Christopher Hoover

    <> (02/03/13 1.384.11.2)
    [PATCH] 964/1: Consus led patches

    +++ linux/arch/arm/mach-sa1100/leds.c Wed Feb 13 13:55:33 2002
    +++ linux/arch/arm/mach-sa1100/leds.h Wed Feb 13 13:55:52 2002
    +++ linux/include/asm-arm/leds.h Wed Feb 13 13:01:31 2002

    Additions for consus_leds_event (parallels assabet_leds_event).
    Added led_start_time_mode and led_stop_timer_mode for heartbeat led.
    Added led_blue_on and led_blue_off for Blue led support.

    <> (02/03/13 1.388.3.2)
    Miscellaneous compiler warning fixes, other small fixes and
    cleanups for ARM.

    <> (02/03/13 1.388.3.4)
    Fix scope of init/exit functions in ds1620.c
    NetWinder flash driver should use ioremap, not the private __ioremap.

    <> (02/03/13 1.388.3.5)
    Update ARM related video drivers:
    - cyber2000fb
    - sa1100fb
    Add new ARM video drivers:
    - anakinfb
    - clps711xfb

    <> (02/03/17 1.526)
    SA1100 IrDA driver updates.

    <> (02/03/19 1.528)
    Convert ARM92x/ARM1020 specific configuration symbols to generic CPU
    symbols. Remove unused flush_page_to_ram in ARM code.

    <> (02/03/22 1.384.11.3)
    [PATCH] 1079/1: recognize PXA250 revision B0 and hier

    <> (02/03/22 1.384.11.4)
    [PATCH] 1080/1: Addition of new files for the Intel PXA250/210 architecture

    This only populates the linux/arch/arm/mach-pxa directory.

    <> (02/03/22 1.384.11.5)
    [PATCH] 1081/1: addition of new header files for the Intel PXA250/210 architecture

    This patch populates the linux/include/asm-arm/arch-pxa directory.

    <> (02/03/22 1.384.11.6)
    [PATCH] 1082/1: changes to linux/arch/arm/kernel/* for PXA architecture
    Actually only debug.S and entry-armv.S

    <> (02/03/22 1.384.11.7)
    [PATCH] 1083/1: 64-bit unsigned modulo arithmetic support
    I've added support for 64-bit modulo arithmetic on ARM. This is needed for
    the video4linux API to function properly and since there's already support
    for 64-bit divides, I think there shouldn't be any reason for the absence of

    <> (02/03/23 1.384.11.8)
    [PATCH] 1092/1: Avoid unbalanced IRQ from LCD on SA1100

    Remove "enable_irq(IRQ_LCD)" call from video/sa1100fb.c

    <> (02/03/24 1.384.11.9)
    [PATCH] 1094/1: 2.4.18-rmk3: fix for build failure with no video
    2.4.18-rmk3 fails to build on the EBSA285 if there is no video stuff
    enabled with a missing symbol. For me the linker lied and told me it
    was in irq.c but it was actually in the previous file in the link,
    mach-footbridge/arch.c ; the symbol is screen_info which is what the
    ORIG_* macros use.

    Note I haven't yet tested this booting, just building.

    <> (02/03/24 1.529)
    Miscellaneous build corrections/warning fixes.

    <> (02/03/25 1.524.11.1)
    Break an include loop by moving cache flushing routines from
    asm/pgtable.h and/or asm/pgalloc.h to asm/cacheflush.h, and
    tlb flushing routines to asm/tlbflush.h.

    <> (02/03/26 1.524.12.1)
    Add concept of system bus, so system devices (CPUs, PICs, etc) can have a common home in the device tree.
    Add helper functions for {un,}registering.

    <> (02/03/26 1.524.12.2)
    Ok, really add drivers/base/sys.c

    <> (02/03/26 1.524.12.3)
    Driver model update:
    Create global list in which all devices are inserted. Done by Kai Germaschewski.

    <> (02/03/26 1.524.12.4)
    Add device_{suspend,resume,shutdown} calls.

    <> (02/03/28 1.531)
    Miscellaneous build/bug fixes.

    <> (02/04/01 1.524.13.1)
    Fix the kernel build when we have multi-part objects both in $(obj-y)
    and $(obj-m).

    Before, we would have built (though not linked) the individual objects
    for multi-part modules even when building vmlinux and vice versa.

    <> (02/04/03 1.524.7.39)
    Tigon3 driver pci_unmap_foo changes were half complete,
    fix things up. Noted by Jeff Garzik.

    <> (02/04/03 1.524.21.1)
    kernel/time.c needs linux/errno.h

    <> (02/04/03 1.524.21.2)
    drivers/usb/hub.c needs linux/errno.h

    <> (02/04/03 1.524.21.3)
    drivers/media/video/videodev.c needs linux/slab.h

    <> (02/04/03 1.524.22.1)
    sparc64/kernel/semaphore.c needs errno.h
    add forward decl of struct page to asm-sparc64/pgtable.h

    <> (02/04/03 1.524.22.2)
    sparc64/kernel/binfmt_elf32.c:ELF_CORE_COPY_REGS needs
    final semi-colon.

    <> (02/04/03 1.524.22.3)
    sparc64/math-emu/math.c needs linux/errno.h

    <> (02/04/03 1.524.23.1)
    Update pcnet_cs net driver for recent removal of rmem_{start,end}
    from struct net_device. (actually, for this driver, the functionality
    was simply moved to 8390.h)

    <> (02/04/04 1.524.24.2)
    Remove unused references to dev->rmem_{start,end}
    from wavelan_cs net driver.

    <> (02/04/04 1.524.24.3)
    olympic tokenring driver compile fix

    <> (02/04/04 1.524.24.4)
    Add missing MODULE_LICENSE tags to several net drivers.

    Also... surprise! Andrew Morton's aic7xxx build fix
    is also included. Ah well, 1001 people probably applied
    the same patch by hand, and it's easy to merge, so oh well.

    <> (02/04/04 1.524.24.5)
    Merge ioc3-eth net drvr changes from 2.4.x:
    - Improved MAC address discovery.
    - endian fixes

    <> (02/04/04 1.524.24.6)
    Merge gt96100 mips net drvr updates from 2.4.x:
    * Moved to 2.4.14, Modified driver to add
    proper gt96100A support.
    * Moved eth port 0 to irq 3 (mapped to GT_SERINT0 on EV96100A)
    in order for both ports to work. Also cleaned up boot
    option support (mac address string parsing), fleshed out
    gt96100_cleanup_module(), and other general code cleanups

    <> (02/04/04 1.524.24.7)
    Merge au1000_eth net drvr updates from 2.4.x:
    * add support for LSI 10/100 phy
    * other minor cleanups

    <> (02/04/04 1.524.24.8)
    com20020 arcnet drvr build fix (add missing comma)

    <> (02/04/04 1.524.24.9)
    Merge ariadne2 net drvr updates from 2.4.x:
    * use Zorro-specific z_{read,write}[bwl] routines
    * remove superfluous include

    <> (02/04/04 1.524.24.10)
    Merge a2065 net drvr update from 2.4.x:
    * make sure to stop chip before enabling interrupt via request_irq

    <> (02/04/04 1.524.25.1)
    IrDA: Fix w83977af_ir FIR drivers for new DMA API

    <> (02/04/04 1.524.25.2)
    IrDA trivial fixes:
    o [CORRECT] Handle signals while IrSock is blocked on Tx
    o [CORRECT] Fix race condition in LAP when receiving with pf bit
    o [CRITICA] Prevent queuing Tx data before IrComm is ready
    o [FEATURE] Warn user of common misuse of IrLPT

    <> (02/04/04 1.524.25.3)
    IrDA: Allow tuning of Max Tx MTU to workaround spec contradiction

    <> (02/04/04 1.524.25.4)
    IrDA: Correct fix for IrNET disconnect indication :
    if socket is not connected, don't hangup, to allow passive operation

    <> (02/04/04 1.524.25.5)
    IrDA discovery fixes:
    o [FEATURE] Propagate mode of discovery to higher protocols
    o [CORRECT] Disable passive discovery in ircomm and irlan
    Prevent client and server to simultaneously connect to each other
    o [CORRECT] Force expiry of discovery log on LAP disconnect

    <> (02/04/04 1.524.25.6)
    IrDA USB disconnect changes:
    o [CRITICA] Fix race condition between disconnect and the rest
    o [CRITICA] Force synchronous unlink of URBs in disconnect
    o [CRITICA] Cleanup instance if disconnect before close
    <Following patch from Martin Diehl>
    o [CRITICA] Call usb_submit_urb() with GPF_ATOMIC

    <> (02/04/04 1.524.25.7)
    IrDA: handle new NSC chip variant

    <> (02/04/04 1.524.25.8)
    IrDA: Correct location of dev tx stats update

    <> (02/04/04 1.524.24.11)
    Merge hydra net drvr conversion to Zorro-specific
    z_{read,write}[bwl] routines from 2.4.x.

    <> (02/04/04 1.524.26.1)
    This fixes the "i_blocks went wrong when the disk filled up"

    In ext3_new_block() we increment i_blocks early, so the
    quota operation can be performed outside lock_super().
    But if the block allocation ends up failing, we forget to
    undo the allocation.

    This is not a serious bug, and probably does not warrant
    an upgrade for production machines. Its effects are:

    1) errors are generated from e2fsck and

    2) users could appear to be over quota when they really aren't.

    The patch undoes the accounting operation if the allocation
    ends up failing.

    <> (02/04/04 1.524.24.12)
    Merge some new PCI ids from e100 to eepro100 net driver.

    <> (02/04/04 1.524.24.13)
    Various minor bug fixes for 3c59x net driver.

    <> (02/04/04 1.524.24.14)
    Fix jiffies-comparison timeout bug in arlan net driver.

    <> (02/04/04 1.524.26.2)
    Andrew Morton's ext2 sync mount speedup. Description:

    At present, when mounted synchronously or with `chattr +S' in effect,
    ext2 syncs the indirect blocks for every new block when extending a

    This is not necessary, because a sync is performed on the way out of
    generic_file_write(). This will pick up all necessary data from
    inode->i_dirty_buffers and inode->i_dirty_data_buffers, and is

    The patch removes all the syncing of indirect blocks.

    On a non-write-caching scsi disk, an untar of the util-linux tarball
    runs three times faster. Writing a 100 megabyte file in one megabyte
    chunks speeds up ten times.

    The patch also removes the intermediate indirect block syncing on the
    truncate() path. Instead, we sync the indirects at a single place, via
    inode->i_dirty_buffers. This not only means that the writes (may)
    cluster better. It means that we perform much, much less actual I/O
    during truncate, because most or all of the indirects will no longer be
    needed for the file, and will be invalidated.

    fsync() and msync() still work correctly. One side effect of this
    patch is that VM-initiated writepage() against a file hole will no
    longer block on writeout of indirect blocks. This is good.

    <> (02/04/04 1.524.26.3)
    ext3 filesystem sync mount speedup:
    Again, we don't need to sync indirects as we dirty them because
    we run a commit if IS_SYNC(inode) prior to returning to the
    caller of write(2).

    Writing a 10 meg file in 0.1 meg chunks is sped up by, err,
    a factor of fifty. That's a best case.

    <> (02/04/04 1.524.24.15)
    e100 net driver update 1/3:
    The patch separates max busy wait constants making in max of 100 usec for
    wait scb and max of 50 usec for wait cus idle. These constants found
    sufficient using heavy traffic tests.

    <> (02/04/04 1.524.24.16)
    e100 net driver update 2/3:
    Adding missing pci write flush to the procedure e100_exec_cmd

    <> (02/04/04 1.524.24.17)
    e100 net driver update 3/3:
    Adding proper print level qualifier to the printk calls.

    <> (02/04/04 1.524.28.1)
    Detect bad JFS directory to avoid infinite loop

    <> (02/04/04 1.524.28.2)
    JFS include cleanup

    Remove redundant include of slab.h
    Submitted by Christoph Hellwig

    <> (02/04/04 1.524.28.3)
    JFS: remove dead code

    Submitted by Christoph Hellwig

    <> (02/04/04 1.524.28.4)
    Add support for external JFS journal

    Submitted by Christoph Hellwig & Dave Kleikamp

    <> (02/04/04 1.524.28.5)
    JFS: simplify sync_metapage

    Submitted by Christoph Hellwig

    <> (02/04/04 1.524.28.6)
    Remove register keyword from JFS code

    Submitted by Christoph Hellwig

    <> (02/04/04 1.524.28.7)
    No need to handle regular files in jfs_mknod
    Submitted by Christoph Hellwig

    <> (02/04/04 1.524.28.8)
    Make JFS licence boilerplate uniform, update copyright dates
    Submitted by Christoph Hellwig and Dave Kleikamp

    <> (02/04/04 1.524.29.1)
    Don't allow preemption to change task state.

    <> (02/04/04 1.524.29.2)
    [PATCH] kjournald exits with nonzero preempt_count

    The preempt_count debug check that went into 2.5.8-pre1 already caught a
    simple case in kjournald. Specifically, kjournald does not drop the BKL
    when it exits as it knows schedule will do so for it.

    For the sake of clarity and exiting with a preempt_count of zero, the
    attached patch explicitly calls unlock_kernel when kjournald is exiting.

    <> (02/04/04 1.524.29.4)
    Fix up bad time compare from the -dj merge

    <> (02/04/04 1.534)
    Cset exclude:|ChangeSet|20020403195622

    <> (02/04/04 1.524.7.40)
    In linux/skbuff.h, always use unsigned long for flags.

    <> (02/04/04 1.524.22.4)
    On sparc64, flush_thread needs to setup the PGD cache
    for 64-bit apps too.

    <> (02/04/04 1.524.30.1)
    USB visor driver

    Added support for the Sony OS 4.1 devices. Thanks to Hiroyuki ARAKI
    <> for the information.

    <> (02/04/04 1.535)
    Update kernel version

    <> (02/04/04 1.536)
    [PATCH] cleanup list usage in dquot

    From the kernel janitor folks

    <> (02/04/04 1.537)
    [PATCH] list_for_each is fs/

    From the kernel janitor folks

    <> (02/04/04 1.538)
    [PATCH] Improved allocator for NTFS

    Originally by Anton Altaparmakov.
    I think Anton is going to submit his rewritten NTFS soon making this null and void,
    but in the interim, it fixes a known problem with NTFS and large allocations.

    <> (02/04/04 1.539)
    [PATCH] increase number of transaction locks in JFS txnmgr

    Original fix from Andi Kleen

    <> (02/04/04 1.540)
    [PATCH] MSDOS fs option parser cleanup

    Original from Rene Scharfe
    This fixes a problem where MSDOS fs's ignore their 'check' mount option.

    <> (02/04/04 1.541)
    [PATCH] bss bits for isofs

    Originally from the kernel janitor folks

    <> (02/04/04 1.542)
    [PATCH] QNX4fs sync

    Brings QNX4FS back in sync with 2.4

    <> (02/04/04 1.543)
    [PATCH] better dquot accounting

    <> (02/04/04 1.544)
    [PATCH] ext3 inode generation improvements.

    Originally from Andrew Morton

    <> (02/04/04 1.545)
    [PATCH] named structure initialisers for fs/

    Originally by Grant R.Guenther
    Has had a quick once over by Al, who weeded out one chunk that was

    <> (02/04/04 1.546)
    [PATCH] struct super_block cleanup - reiserfs

    Original from: Brian Gerst <>
    Has had a once over by Chris Mason and Al.

    Seperates reiserfs_sb_info from struct super_block.

    Brian Gerst

    <> (02/04/04 1.555)
    [PATCH] EFI GUID partition support update.

    More bits from Matt Domsch. Fixes GUID printing, and updates
    to what's in the IA64 tree. Other cleanups are mentioned in
    the changelog in the patch.

    <> (02/04/04 1.524.30.2)

    moved files to different subdirectories to make try to make sense
    of the current mess, and to allow usb client drivers to integrate into
    the tree easier.

    <> (02/04/04 1.556)
    [PATCH] IS_DEADDIR checks (2.5)

    2.4 variant will go to Marcelo in a couple of minutes.

    Patch moves IS_DEADDIR() checks into may_delete().

    <> (02/04/04 1.524.30.3)
    usb subsystem now builds as modules.
    dependancies still seem broken.

    <> (02/04/04 1.557)
    update x86 defconfig

    <> (02/04/04 1.558)
    Fix tlbflush header file dependencies

    <> (02/04/04 1.559)
    uhhuh. Fix duplicate merge from -dj tree

    <> (02/04/04 1.560)
    [PATCH] preemptive kernel behavior change: don't be rude

    - do not manually set task->state
    - instead, in preempt_schedule, set a flag in preempt_count that
    denotes that this task is entering schedule off a kernel preemption.
    - use this flag in schedule to jump to pick_next_task
    - in preempt_schedule, upon return from schedule, unset the flag
    - have entry.S just call preempt_schedule and not duplicate this work,
    as Linus suggested. I agree. Note this makes debugging easier as
    we keep a single point of entry for kernel preemptions.

    The result: we can safely preempt non-TASK_RUNNING tasks. If one is
    preempted, we can safely survive schedule because we won't handle the
    special casing of non-TASK_RUNNING at the top of schedule. Thus other
    tasks can run as desired and our non-TASK_RUNNING task will eventually
    be rescheduled, in its original state, and complete happily.

    This is the behavior we have in the 2.4 patches and 2.5 until
    ~2.5.6-pre. This works. It requires no other changes elsewhere (it
    actually removes some special-casing Ingo did in the signal code).

    <> (02/04/04 1.524.30.4)

    moved lots of the info into the subdirectories.
    fixed up the makefiles to work nicer.

    <> (02/04/04 1.561)
    Scheduler preempt fixes and cleanups

    <> (02/04/04 1.562)
    Make the assembly-level code match the preempt_sched

    <> (02/04/04 1.563)
    More fixups for tlbflush.h header split

    <> (02/04/04 1.564)
    Fix exit_notify() to actually do what the comment
    says it should do - lock out preemption.

    <> (02/04/04 1.524.30.5)

    moved some files from misc to image
    cleaned up makefile some more.

    <> (02/04/04 1.524.30.6)

    fixed lib Makefile problem with usb files moving
    moved drivers/usb/scanner/ to drivers/usb/image/

    <> (02/04/05 1.524.30.7)

    moved the host drivers help to the host directory

    <> (02/04/05 1.524.30.8)

    more file movement cleanups. Now handles misc drivers compiled into
    the kernel corectly.

    <> (02/04/05 1.566)
    Add device_shutdown() calls to reboot and power off transitions (and let the user know)

    <> (02/04/05 1.567)
    compile fix for drivers/base/sys.c

    <> (02/04/05 1.568)
    Add platform driver object

    <> (02/04/05 1.524.30.9)

    moved class/storage/ back to storage/
    created input/
    orderd the makefiles and menus better.

    <> (02/04/05 1.570)
    Duh. Use "device_lock", not "device_root" for locking.

    <> (02/04/05 1.524.30.10)

    added a README file to explain what the different subdirectories are for.

    <> (02/04/05 1.524.30.11)

    moved the USB_STORAGE items into the drivers/usb/storage directory.

    <> (02/04/05 1.572)
    [PATCH] elevator 'buglet'

    Lets just kill this check -- it usually only catches drivers queueing
    something in front of a started request on their own (such as shoving a
    request sense in front of a failed packet command, for instance). So
    it's either working around this detection in some drivers, or killing
    it. I vote for the latter, patch attached against 2.5.8-pre1 :-)

    <> (02/04/05 1.573)
    [PATCH] PATCH 1 of 4 : knfsd : Use symbols for size calculation for response sizes.

    Use symbolic names for some common size components in the response
    size calculation for the NFSD. This makes it easier to get the
    numbers right and to review them.
    This patch also fixes a few number for nfsv3 that were wrong.

    <> (02/04/05 1.574)
    [PATCH] PATCH 2 of 4 : knfsd : Allow exporting of deviceless filesystems if fsid= given

    Previously we could only export FS_REQUIRES_DEV filesystems
    as we need a devno to put in the filehandle.
    Now that we have fsid= (NFSEXP_FSID) we don't need a devno
    to put in the filehandle so we can relax this requirement.

    <> (02/04/05 1.575)
    [PATCH] PATCH 3 of 4 : knfsd : Store the fsid in the returned attributes instead of the device number

    When a filesystem is exported with fsid= we should use that
    fsid instead of the i_dev number when returning NFS attributes,
    so that there is no chance of clients that depend on the filesys
    id in the attributes getting confused by device numbers changing.

    We only do this if the reference filehandle uses fsid to identify
    the filesystem, so that a server can be converted from non-fsid= to
    using fsid= without confusing active clients.

    <> (02/04/05 1.576)
    [PATCH] PATCH 4 of 4 : knfsd : Increase the max block size for NFS replies.

    This increases the max read/write size for nfsd from 8K to 32K.

    This requires making NFSv2 return the right number in statfs
    requests. NFSv3 already does that.

    <> (02/04/05 1.577)
    [PATCH] PATCH 4a or 4 : knfs : typo...

    typo in that last patch, sorry.

    <> (02/04/05 1.578)
    [PATCH] shift BKL out of notify_change

    Moved i_sem down into notify_change() and out of the UMSDOS
    function. Moved BKL down from notify_change into filesystems.

    <> (02/04/05 1.579)
    Make legacy drivers who use "virt_to_bus()" and friends work on x86.

    It's up to other architectures to worry about portability for now.

    <torvalds@linux.local> (02/04/05 1.581)
    Oops, remove remnants of old attribute lock

    <torvalds@linux.local> (02/04/05 1.582)
    Force some semblance of workingness onto qla1280 driver

    <torvalds@linux.local> (02/04/05 1.583)
    Clean up do_truncate due notify_change() locking change

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