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    SubjectRe: [OFF TOPIC] BK license change
       From: Larry McVoy <>
    Date: Mon, 29 Apr 2002 12:45:14 -0700


    > it is today. Pavel is welcome to try and do better, but he sure as
    > hell isn't going to do it in his spare time. Nobody is, it's a much
    > harder problem than it looks like. I really wish people would try it
    > and find out. Maybe I'm wrong, in which case we can all get on to doing
    > something more fun.

    you are not wrong. You have your `truth'. Pavel has his one. Pavel prefers
    free software and its freedom. Some people here prefer using BK instead of
    using (objectively worse) similar GPLed software. They have the right to
    think that and they have the right to say so.

    Yes, I too think that using BK for kernel development is politically wrong
    decision and in the long run it will have bad effects on free software
    (generally, Linux kernel and the community specially).

    Do not take it as a critique. I do not want to criticize you or your
    colleges. You did a great job!

    But releasing BK under free software license would be (for me) much
    better. Of course, I can not force you to change the license or something
    similar. You are the creator and you have the right to release your work
    under license you find the best! I (or anyone else) can not tell you what
    should be done. But we all can tell you our opinion.

    But I do not think that having different `truth' qualifies people to be
    blackholed. Sorry, but I think you are like small child...
    Pavel Janík

    Keep it simple to make it faster.
    -- The Elements of Programming Style (Kernighan & Plaugher)
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