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SubjectRe: [prepatch] address_space-based writeback
On 29 April 2002 09:59, Nikita Danilov wrote:
> Anton Altaparmakov writes:
> > Al, would you agree with NTFS using ->read_inode2 as well as ReiserFS?
> ->read_inode2 is a hack. And especially so is having both ->read_inode
> and ->read_inode2. iget() interface was based on the assumption that
> inodes can be located (and identified) by inode number. It is not so at
> least for the reiserfs and ->read_inode2 works around this by passing
> "cookie" with information sufficient for file system to locate inode.

Why do we have to stich to concept of inode *numbers*?
Because there are inode numbers in traditional Unix filesystems?

What about reiserfs? NTFS? Even plain old FAT have trouble simulating
inode numbers for zero-length files.

Why? Because inode numbers (or lack of them) is fs implementation detail
which unfortunately leaked into Linux VFS API.

Or maybe I am just stupid.
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