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SubjectRe: The tainted message
> tomas szepe Awoke this dragon, who will now respond:
> > > Warning: The module (%s) does not seem to have a compatible license.
> > > Please contact the supplier of this module regarding any
> > > problems, or reproduce the problem after rebooting without
> > > ever loading this module.
> > >
> > > shorter?
> >
> > I don't think you can strip the part about open-ness of the code --
> > it's an essential part of the explanation. And "any problems" might
> > be too broad.
> Moreover, I think the 'compatible license thing doesnt fly.
> the argument against CLOSE modules is that they make the _whole_package_
> undebuggable.
> if the source is available, no matter HOW crippling its license, the
> package _IS_ debuggable.
> thie warning should be:
> Warning: Module %s is not open source, and as such, loading it will make
> your kernel un-debuggable. Please do not submit bug reports from a kernel
> with this module loaded, as they will be useless, and likely ignored.

Very good! I'd only change the tense to "The non-opensource module %s is
about to be loaded, which will make your kernel impossible to debug," so
that it's crystal clear that the message is not a failure notification.


"hello it's not like i read my mail so that you have where to offer to sell me
a giant turnip or anything else thankyou." -tomas szepe <>
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