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Subject[PATCH] make rpmbin...

The attached patch implements a 'make rpmbin' rule which, as its
name implies, generates a binary-only RPM using the current
(already compiled) tree.

I find this rule to be much more useful when hacking a part of the
code, then doing 'make bzImage rpmbin' or 'make modules rpmbin',
instead of compiling the whole tree again in a different place
like 'make rpm' does.

Do the audience find this useful ? Comments ?



--- 1.166/Makefile Mon Apr 22 15:21:39 2002
+++ edited/Makefile Mon Apr 29 16:02:47 2002
@@ -565,3 +565,17 @@
. scripts/mkversion > .version ; \
rpm -ta $(TOPDIR)/../$(KERNELPATH).tar.gz ; \
rm $(TOPDIR)/../$(KERNELPATH).tar.gz
+ . scripts/mkspecbin >kernel.spec
+rpmbin: specbin
+ mkdir -p $(TOPDIR)/$(KERNELPATH)/boot $(TOPDIR)/$(KERNELPATH)/lib $(TOPDIR)/$(KERNELPATH)/lib/modules
+ INSTALL_MOD_PATH=$(TOPDIR)/$(KERNELPATH) make modules_install
+ cp arch/i386/boot/bzImage $(TOPDIR)/$(KERNELPATH)/boot/vmlinuz-$(KERNELRELEASE)
+ cp .config $(TOPDIR)/$(KERNELPATH)/boot/config-$(KERNELRELEASE)
+ mv kernel.spec $(TOPDIR)/$(KERNELPATH)
+ tar cvfz $(KERNELPATH).tar.gz $(KERNELPATH)
+ rpm -tb $(TOPDIR)/$(KERNELPATH).tar.gz
+ rm -rf $(TOPDIR)/$(KERNELPATH) $(KERNELPATH).tar.gz
--- /dev/null Mon Apr 29 16:46:42 2002
+++ linux-2.4/scripts/mkspecbin Mon Apr 29 15:22:41 2002
@@ -0,0 +1,54 @@
+# Output a simple RPM spec file that uses no fancy features requring
+# RPM v4. This is intended to work with any RPM distro.
+# The only gothic bit here is redefining install_post to avoid
+# stripping the symbols from files in the kernel which we want
+if [ "`grep CONFIG_DRM=y .config | cut -f2 -d\=`" = "y" ]; then
+ PROVIDES=kernel-drm
+echo "Name: kernel"
+echo "Summary: The Linux Kernel"
+echo "Version: "$VERSION.$PATCHLEVEL.$SUBLEVEL$EXTRAVERSION | sed -e "s/-//g"
+# we need to determine the NEXT version number so that uname and
+# rpm -q will agree
+echo "Release: `. scripts/mkversion`"
+echo "License: GPL"
+echo "Group: System Environment/Kernel"
+echo "Vendor: The Linux Community"
+echo "URL:"
+echo -n "Source: kernel-$VERSION.$PATCHLEVEL.$SUBLEVEL"
+echo "$EXTRAVERSION.tar.gz" | sed -e "s/-//g"
+echo "BuildRoot: /var/tmp/%{name}-%{PACKAGE_VERSION}-root"
+echo "Provides: $PROVIDES"
+echo "%define __spec_install_post /usr/lib/rpm/brp-compress || :"
+echo ""
+echo "%description"
+echo "The Linux Kernel, the operating system core itself"
+echo ""
+echo "This package is a binary image of the Linux Kernel without the sources,"
+echo "which are available from"
+echo ""
+echo "%prep"
+echo "%setup -q"
+echo ""
+echo "%build"
+echo ""
+echo "%install"
+echo 'mkdir -p $RPM_BUILD_ROOT'
+echo 'cp -rp boot lib $RPM_BUILD_ROOT'
+echo ""
+echo "%clean"
+echo '#echo -rf $RPM_BUILD_ROOT'
+echo ""
+echo "%files"
+echo '%defattr (-, root, root)'
+echo "%dir /lib/modules"
+echo "/boot/*"
+echo ""
Stelian Pop <>
Alcove -
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