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    SubjectRe: Hyperthreading and physical/logical CPU identification

    > > I would very much like to believe that in this configuration,
    > > I am only
    > > running on 2 physical, 4 logical processors, but I am getting a 31%
    > > improvement (netbench) when hyperthreading is enabled. Thats
    > > why I want to
    > > confirm I am really only using 2 physical, 4 logical
    > > processors. Is there
    > > any way I can do this? (dmesg? /proc/cpuinfo?)
    > Well the two alternatives are, either A) turning on hyperthreading enabled
    > the two virtual processors or B) turning on hyperthreading somehow enabled
    > the other two processors, right?
    > I would think B would be highly unlikely.
    > Anyone else who actually has HT hardware care to comment? ;-)
    > Regards -- Andy

    Yes, those are the two alternatives. I agree B is unlikely, but honestly I
    thought a 31% improvement from hyperthreading seemed unlikely as well.
    Believe me, I am hoping situaiton A is the correct one!


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