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SubjectRe: The tainted message
> First of all, the current tainted message is not really useful. 
> "Warning: Loading %s will taint the kernel..." isn't very informative at
> all. Most people don't know what it means to "taint the kernel". It's

I'd agree. I wasn't aware I had any responsibility beyond helping Arjan
who implemented it. The kernel itself has no messages/policy intentionally.

> I would like to propose that a clearer, more direct message be used.
> Something like "Warning: kernel maintainers may not support your kernel
> since you have loaded %s: %s%s\n" would be much more informative and
> correct.

> Opinions? Comments?

More informative but I think too soft. It still implies we might want to
hear about it but not reply. That isnt the case.

How about

Warning: The module you have loaded (%s) does not seem to have an open
source license. Please send any kernel problem reports to the
author of this module, or duplicate them from a boot without
ever loading this module before reporting them to the community
or your Linux vendor

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