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SubjectRe: Poor NFS client performance on 2.4.18?

So, would I be correct in assuming that backing out the
linux-2.4.18-ping.dif patch would solve the problem in the short term?


Trond Myklebust wrote:
> >>>>> " " == Dan Yocum <> writes:
> > Trond, et al. I'm getting poor NFS performance (~250KBps read
> > and write) on 2.4.18 and am wondering if I'm the only one.
> > There is no performance drop under other OSs or other kernel
> > versions, so I don't think it's the server.
> > Here's the the details:
> > 2.4.18 patched with:
> > NFS client patches (linux-2.4.18-NFS_ALL.dif)
> > xfs-1.1-PR1-2.4.18-all.patch Ingo's Foster IRQ patch (these
> > are dual Xeons)
> > If you need any more details, let me know.
> The latest NFS_ALL patches include experimental code that changes the
> UDP congestion control. I'm basically trying to relax the algorithm to
> what is standard on *BSD (i.e. we follow the standard Van Jacobson).
> This would mean that we don't wait for the reply from the server
> before we send off the next request. Unfortunately, there appears to
> be a lot of setups out there that start to drop packets when this
> occurs, and I haven't yet finished determining the root cause.
> If I can manage to get my laptop to work again, I'll try to
> investigate a bit more this weekend...
> Cheers,
> Trond

Dan Yocum
Sloan Digital Sky Survey, Fermilab 630.840.6509,
SDSS. Mapping the Universe.
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