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SubjectRe: BK, deltas, snapshots and fate of -pre...
> said:
> > Why SHOULD I download ten different architectures when I only want two
> > (ARM and X86).? Why SHOULD I download SCSI when I dont use anything
> > but IDE? (cost reasons) Why SHOULD I download bluetooth stuff when I
> > will probably wont own a bluetooth device in the near future?
> > Why dont you try to provide a satisfactory answer to those questions
> > instead of avoiding them and turning them around?

Why don't you Read The Fucking FAQ???!!!???

For someone who's so concerned about bandwidth, why didn't you read
the FAQ first? You would have seen that this question is already
answered and should not be asked on the list, and you would have saved
developer bandwidth. With your post, a large number of busy people had
to download your email, read it, process it and reach the conclusion
"Luser asking repeat, dumb and useless question. Remember to ignore in
future". That wastes people's time. And it's not even in your best


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