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SubjectRe: [OFF TOPIC] BK license change

> So that leaves a more selective approach. We can add a clause that says
> we reserve the right to insist you either
> a) maintain your changes in public within 90 days of making them, or
> b) buy closed use seats, or
> c) cease to use the product.
> and then apply it to the abusers of the system. I understand this is

Heh. According to your license, all you have to do is to get very expensive
disk. Then, put offender's file on that disk, and claim that your costs
exceeded 00000 (or how much you have in the licence) and that means auto
licence termination IIRC.

Oh and btw how can you change licence retroactively? Those "abusers" have
right to continue to use old versions under old licences...
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