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SubjectRe: FPU, i386
On Wednesday 17 April 2002 08:10 pm, Jesse Pollard wrote:
> --------- Received message begins Here ---------

> if (int(1/h * 100) == int(5.0 * 100))
> will give a "proper" result within two decimal places. This is still
> limited since there are irrational numbers within that range that COULD
> still come out with a wrong answer, but is much less likely to occur.
> Exact match of floating point is not possible - 1/h is eleveated to a
> float.
> If your 1/h was actually num/h, and num computed by summing .01 100 times
> I suspect the result would also be "wrong".

why is exact match of floating point not possible ?
what i understand is if you do a " x/y " (where x and y are two integers )
division in hardware then you should always get the same value , then why
can't we compare floating point "==" operation ?
I understand that in case of inrrational number it will not give a exact
value ......but division like 1/.2 is not irrational ! and it should always
come to 5 !

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