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SubjectRe: Re: what`s wrong?
>On Apr 24, 2002  18:06 +0200, il boba wrote:
>> Is there anybody that can help me understand what`s wrong with this code?

>Yes, easily spotted a major problem without even reading the whole

>> #define BUFSIZ 8192
>> int init_module()
>> {
>> int err_frame[BUFSIZ];
>The entire kernel stack is only 8kB in size. You have already killed
>a bunch of random memory by allocating this much memory on the stack.
>You allocated 4*8192 = 32kB on the stack here.

Sure, the kernel stack is 8192 Bytes, but "err_frame[]" is a local variable. Does the kernel allocate memory for "err_frame[]" from the stack??

>> int init_err_frame(int err_frame[]) {
>> int i, k = 0, j = 0;
>> char buffer[BUFSIZ];
>Another 8kB on the stack here - further random corruption.
Here, I think, err_frame[] as a function parameter will take 8K in the kernel stack.
Am I correct?

Thank you.

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