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SubjectRe: Kernel panic while booting on a P2 with linux-2.5.10
> Pentium2 266MHz,
> Intel 440LX Chipset, Gigabyte mainboard,
> Advansys SCSI OEM card (bundled with TEAC8x burner)
> nVidia riva128 graphic card 4MB RAM,
> USB ACM modem, USB scanner, ...

Same trace here. I've got P-III/733, no SCSI or other unusual
peripherals. Works like a charm with all sorts of 2.4.x.

Can add EIP points to __ide_end_requiest
> Trace; c01b9f41 <ide_end_request+11/20>
> Trace; c01c1d83 <cdrom_pc_intr+d3/1e0>
> Trace; c01b7e5d <ide_intr+ed/1a0>
> Trace; c01c1cb0 <cdrom_pc_intr+0/1e0>
> Trace; c010856a <handle_IRQ_event+3a/70>
> Trace; c0108761 <do_IRQ+91/f0>
> Trace; c010728e <common_interrupt+22/28>
> Trace; c0110018 <mtrr_add_page+2c8/370>
> Trace; c011139e <apm_bios_call+6e/80>
> Trace; c0111446 <apm_get_event+26/70>
> Trace; c01116a0 <apm_cpu_idle+130/140>

My trace is the same interrupt, but it starts at some unrelated
thread, so I do not think it's APM. Probably IDE.

-- Pete
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