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SubjectRe: Assembly question
On Thu, Apr 25, 2002 at 10:32:25AM +0200, Szekeres Istvan wrote:

> void p_memset_dword( void *d, int b, int l )
> {
> __asm__ ("rep\n\t"
> "stosl\n\t"
> :
> : "D" (d), "a" (b), "c" (l)
> : "memory","edi", "eax", "ecx"

An input or output operand is implicitly clobbered, so it should be written as:

: "D" (d), "a" (b), "c" (l)
: "memory"

Or so.


Mark Zealey (aka JALH on #zealos and many more);

UL++++>$ G!>(GCM/GCS/GS/GM) dpu? s:-@ a17! C++++>$ P++++>+++++$ L+++>+++++$
!E---? W+++>$ !w--- r++ !t---?@ !X---? !R- !tv b+ G+++ e>+++++ !h++* r!-- y--
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