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    Subjectkernel 2.5.10 problems
    This is the first time I've posted to this forum.  Usually when I have a 
    problem with a kernel other people are having the same problem and it gets
    fixed relatively quickly. But I've been experiencing some problems that
    haven't been going away. If more information is needed then what I have
    given here please let me know. I am using a SOYO K7VTA-B with a VIA 82C686B
    chipset and a Duron 750mhz processor.

    1. Cannot mount IDE-SCSI cd drive. This problem has been mentioned
    previously by others. Errors occur when trying to mount it.

    2. When ACPI support is installed the kernel gives a "Keyboard not found"
    error when booting and I have to push the reset switch to reboot. This
    problem has also been mentioned before but I don't think anyone has related
    it to the ACPI support.

    3. Starting sometime after kernel 2.5.1 (I couldn't compile any kernels
    from then up until 2.5.5) the Evolution email program locks up whenever
    Calender, Tasks, or Contacts is selected. I have to go to another terminal
    and kill it.

    4. Starting with kernel 2.5.6 (kernels 2.5.5 through 2.5.6-pre3 work) the
    KDE program krecord closes right after it starts.

    5. With the new ALSA routines built-in is it possible to get the midi
    output port on a Soundblaster PCI 512 to work? I haven't been able to get
    it to function yet.

    Thank you in advance for your help

    David Macbanay
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