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SubjectRe: BK, deltas, snapshots and fate of -pre...
Rik van Riel Awoke this dragon, who will now respond:

> "Why should I waste my disk space with SCSI drivers?"
> "Why should I waste my disk space with MIPS support?"
> "Why should I waste my disk space with bluetooth drivers?"
> In each of these cases you'll get the same answer that I gave
> to your question.

Actually, I dont get that.

Why SHOULD I download ten different architectures when I only want two (ARM
and X86).?
Why SHOULD I download SCSI when I dont use anything but IDE? (cost reasons)
Why SHOULD I download bluetooth stuff when I will probably wont own a
bluetooth device in the near future?

Why dont you try to provide a satisfactory answer to those questions
instead of avoiding them and turning them around?

Here is my answer for the record:

I shouldnt. its a pointless waste of bandwidth.

Now, whats YOUR answer?

Especially in light of the 2.5 kernel becomming ever more modular.
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