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SubjectRe: BK, deltas, snapshots and fate of -pre...

On Sun, 21 Apr 2002, Pavel Machek wrote:
> I believe -pre's are still important. Daily snapshots are too likely to be
> broken, and "real" releases are different from -pre ones (with *usefull*
> difference): you can ignore -pre release, but you can't ignore real release
> (because real releases are relative to each other).

Considering how even real releases in the development tree are likely to
be broken (never mind the _trivial_ brokenness of applying the same patch
to init/main.c twice, I'm talking about the more fundamental brokenness of
just broken drivers and filesystems due to development), I'm not sure how
big a deal that is.

And I do make full tar-files of real releases, so that people can skip a
few (although unless you have a fast connection it usually only makes
sense after 10 full releases or so).

> Having slightly more frequent real releases would be nice, but I believe
> it is not feasible to make them as common as pre- patches.

I'll try to keep them coming a bit more often.


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