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SubjectRe: [PATCH] Remove Bitkeeper documentation from Linux tree
On Monday 22 April 2002 19:03, Jeff Garzik wrote:
> Let us separate that fact from the notion that it is a BK
> advertisement, and discuss that part, since that seems to be the
> important issue. As the author of the doc, I state the doc was
> not written as an advertisement, and was not paid for, directly
> or indirectly.
> That said, it certainly can been seen as an advertisement.

OK, we've established that then.

> I like BK, and like to encourage others to use it.
> So let us term the BK doc as, "not intended as an advertisement,
> but can easily be considered such." I hope we agree so far? :)
> Now that we have that...
> Q. What is the justification for removing an admittedly-useful
> advertisement?

1) It would be equally as useful as a URL
2) It would not consume download bandwidth
3) It would show some sensitivity to the concerns of those who are
uncomfortable with the license.

> There is no dispute that the doc is useful, only dispute with certain
> beliefs. Disagreement is fine... encouraged, even. But that's a
> poor justification to remove the doc from the tree.
> I hear your point, I really do. I just feel very strongly that
> removing the BK docs from the tree is the worst way to go about
> supporting this point of view.

I really don't see how changing out the files for a url qualifies as
the "worst way" of addressing the issue. If Larry unretracts his offer
to host the files - and I fully expect he will do that after some period
of indulging in his wounded bird act - then by definition the documentation
will always be available exactly when and where needed. Is there *anybody*
here who'd have further license-related complaints about Bitkeeper if that
were done? (Speak or forever hold your peace.)

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