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SubjectRe: 2.4.19pre2++ USB EHCI-HCD -> auto-reboot
> I need some tips on how to debug (or help others debug) a problem
> I am seeing with the EHCI-HCD driver introduced in 2.4.19-pre2.

Hmm ... that "auto-reboot" has to stop before you can get
much of anywhere! I've not seen that kind of failure since
ehci-hcd was first starting to enumerate devices.

I'd hope that running against 2.5.8 (which has a somewhat
more current EHCI driver in any case), with lots of kernel
debugging features (notably slab debugging, which also
poisons the pci_pool memory used by the USB HCDs),
would give you a more friendly failure mode. Basically
the same stuff exists on 2.4.19-pre, but you will need
to tweak the PCIPOOL_DEBUG stuff in drivers/pci/pci.c
to make the extra poisoning happen. KDB can help too.

Once a few more tidbits of info become available, I can
help figure out what's up. (To be honest, it's been quite a
while since anyone has reported anything but success with
ehci-hcd. Some variety is perversely refreshing ... :)

- Dave

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