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About the suggestion to make via_rhine_error handle more interrupts,

enum intr_status_bits {
IntrRxDone=0x0001, IntrRxErr=0x0004, IntrRxEmpty=0x0020,
IntrTxDone=0x0002, IntrTxAbort=0x0008, IntrTxUnderrun=0x0010,
IntrStatsMax=0x0080, IntrRxEarly=0x0100, IntrMIIChange=0x0200,
IntrRxOverflow=0x0400, IntrRxDropped=0x0800, IntrRxNoBuf=0x1000,
IntrTxAborted=0x2000, IntrLinkChange=0x4000,
IntrNormalSummary=0x0003, IntrAbnormalSummary=0xC260,

RxEarly, RxOverflow, RxNoBuf are not handled
(which brings up another question - how should they be handled
and where?? It doesn't seem to me that those should end up in error,
sending CmdTxDemand. )

RxErr, RxWakeUp, RxDropped, RxEmpty call via_rhine_rx
TxAbort, TxUnderrun,PCIErr, StatsMax, MIIChange call via_rhine_error
TxAborted calls via_rgine_tx
The others don't look like errors.

Martin Eriksson,
The reason my message said PCI Error and not unhandled
is because it specifies a specific interrupt - IntrPCIErr.
(basically the onle one that's left unhandled that can call via_rhine_error)

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